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Aftercare Instructions

It is important you follow the guidelines below to make sure you get the best possible result from your tattoo.

Day 0 to day 3

1. Wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap.

2. Remove the protective film and clean any residue just with warm water.

3. Using your hands(NOT a sponge or a cloth) take the antibacterial soap and rub until you form a foam, start cleaning your tattoo with that foam for approximately 2 minutes in circular movements, then rinse well with warm water (repeat the whole procedure 2 times).

4. Gently dab the tattoo with a clean paper towel or a soft (lint-free) cotton towel.

5. Apply a thin layer of aftercare tattoo cream and leave the skin to breathe.

6. Before you go to sleep apply a thicker layer of cream to make sure the tattoo stays moisturised through the night and AVOID sleeping on that side.

7. First thing in the morning, repeat the washing and creaming procedure at steps 3 and 4.

Please note: For the first 3 days keep washing your tattoo 3 to 4 times a day and keep it moisturised (THIN layer) with the tattoo aftercare cream at all times DON'T LEAVE YOUR TATTOO DRY, take the cream with you everywhere you go!).

Your hands must be CLEAN every time you wash or moisturise your tattoo
We advise using dark-coloured bed sheets due to the high possibility of staining them with ink.

Days 3 to healed

1. After 3 days DON'T wash the tattoo anymore

2. Keep it moisturised(THIN layer) at all times with the tattoo aftercare cream. Make sure your hands are clean before applying.

3. Apply a generous layer of tattoo aftercare cream before having a shower, this will act as a barrier between the water and your tattoo.

4. Avoid direct jets from the shower or soaking in the bath, otherwise, this will cause the pigment to be removed whilst still healing. Gently pat the area dry, avoiding excessive rubbing then apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream.

Please note: As part of the natural healing process your tattoo will form a thin scab/crust over it. It is important that you do not pick at these scabs as this will result in the colour being faded or even removed.

It is important to keep the tattooed area as clean as possible until it is fully healed.

Avoid heavy dust or any other kind of contaminants.

Avoid clothes that could rub excessively on the tattooed area or clothes that leave excessive lint.

Do not cover the tattoo with dressings, bandages or cling film.

Aftercare FAQ:

Q: Can I go swimming?

A: Until the area has fully healed we advise you not to go into chlorinated water (pool, spa, jacuzzi).

Q: Can I go out in the sun?

A: Your tattooed area should not be exposed to direct sunlight until fully healed. Once it has fully healed though you may go out in the sun, but we advise a waterproof sunblock minimum SPF 50) to prevent sunburn, fading and colour changes.

Q: When is my tattoo fully healed?

A: Your tattoo is fully healed when the scabs have fallen off, generally after 7-10 days. Continue to use once or twice a day, for another week or two any moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated.

Q: When can I use my normal products again, for example bubble bath, moisturisers, and make-up?

A: Once the area has healed, usually after 10 days to two weeks, you may begin your normal skin routine.

Q: How will I know If I have an Infection?

A: Infection is very rare. Colours will appear very intense in the first few days and you may have a few spots of blood and some swelling. If the treated area continues to stay red and swollen causing excessive heat and pain, we advise you to contact your GP for advice.

Please call us for any questions or concernsdark-spectrum-contact-number+44 (0)7502 629 290